The HRDs who fight for peace in Colombia have many faces, but their stories are all the
same: a lot of them do not make a living defending the rights of others but do so for the sake
of advancing the wellbeing of people around them. For that, they are the target of
intimidation, attacks, threats, aggressions, and undue criminalization….


Video of Deborah – defender of LGBTI rights

Video of Aidee – peasant leader

Video of Rodolfo – trade unionist

Pedro, alias Deborah, had his NGO office stoned were shot at, and twice he and his colleagues....
When she was expecting their child, Aidee’s husband was killed, as were her mother and father. They were among the over 3,000 Union Patriotica leaders and sympathizers killed in the 1990s. Aidee had to move to Bogotá and still faces challenges to carry out her human rights work.
Rodolfo is a trade union representative in Cali. In 2007, he and his family suffered an attempted murder. His children were almost kidnapped. To this day he has filed over 40 complaints related to threats against his life or that of his family without any investigation being opened.
Watch & share her story
Watch & share her story
Watch & share his story

Video of Enrique – defender of indigenous rights

Video of Maria Nancy – defender of the rights of paramilitary victims

Enrique was among those who were expropriated and forced to leave their land after the Naya massacre. Since 2004, he has been under police surveillance as a result of the threats he received.
Maria Nancy was working as a prosecutor when she uncovered a paramilitary case. Two of her brothers were killed, and several members of her family repeatedly received death threats. She had to quit her job and is under psychological care for the torture she has suffered.
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Watch & share her story

How to help ?

HRDs in Colombia need to be better protected so that they can dedicate their efforts to making Colombia a better country for all its citizens, without fearing for their safety.

Whether you are Colombian, whether you are an institution supporting Colombia’s development, a Colombian policymaker or just a citizen of the world committed with the defense of human rights, there are a number of things you can do to make the difference.
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