What you can do

Help us reach key decision-makers and urge them to implement our recommendations.

HRDs in Colombia need to be better protected and allowed to participate freely in the peace process for it to be effective.

You can support them by sharing these videos and our report about HRDs so that their achievements and the challenges they face are better known.

HRDs are key to peace in Colombia.

Want to help #peace in #Colombia? Demand that your Government protects all LGBTI, indigenous, land-rights or environmental #humanrightsdefenders from the violence they suffer in #impunity. #NoPeaceWithoutDefenders

What Colombian authorities can do

Whether you are Colombian, whether you are an institution supporting Colombia’s development, a Colombian policymaker or just a citizen of the world committed with the defense of human rights, there are a number of things you can do to make the difference.

Urge Colombia’s Prosecutor General to end impunity

Demand that the Colombian President dismantles paramilitary groups

Ask the Inspector General of the Nation to stop discriminating against HRDs

Urge Colombia to make it compulsory for all corporations to conduct human-rights impact assessments before starting business in the country to prevent attacks against HRDs and to seek accountability for culprits when violations occur

#NoPeaceWithoutDefenders in #Colombia. @MinjusticiaCo ‏ @NHMartinez_ @FiscaliaCol: The only thing that will stop the number of #HRD murders from continuing to rise is bringing the culprits to #justice.
NOT fake, NOT even news: the #paramilitaries are responsible for the majority of attacks against #humanrightsdefenders in #Colombia. It is time we punish the paramilitaries – not the #HRDs. #NoPeaceWithoutDefenders.
Public officials’ stigmatization of #humanrightsdefenders in #Colombia reinforces their vulnerability while there ain’t #NoPeaceWithoutDefenders. Please take concrete action @fcarrilloflorez @PGN_COL to stop this.
#NoPeaceWithoutDefenders #Colombia, force #companies to evaluate impact of projects on #humanrights and #defenders of #la…

What other countries
can do

Donor countries and the European Union must continue to accompany the Peace Process and ensure concrete results in the protection of human rights defenders as established in the Peace Agreement.

#NoPeaceWithoutDefenders in #Colombia: @NHMartinez_ @FiscaliaCol @PosconflictoCO @ConsejeriaDDHH as the number of #HRD murders rises we demand effective investigations that uncover their masterminds.

Monitor and investigate the role of private individuals and companies in the crimes and violations to seek accountability of culprits.

#NoPeaceWithoutDefenders in #Colombia should oblige #companies to evaluate the impact of their projects on #humanrights and pursue all culprits.

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